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Sunday January 19, 2020


We are Visions United, and we believe that a church is not a building; it is a community of spiritual people with open hearts and minds, making a difference where they live and in this world.



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Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a new Christian, or looking for a less formal way to connect with spirit, we welcome you. Ask questions, find your way, live the life that fills you up. We can help


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Pilgrimage – Day 9

The present day community of sisters and the town of Eibingen and Rüdesheim celebrate the Feast of St Hildegard each September 17th. We joined in celebration with several hundred pilgrims in the courtyard of the Parish Church of Eibingen. This is the home of the Hildegardis Reliquary, usually displayed in the high altar, under a […]

Pilgrimage – Day 8

Bird song and ringing church bells fill my listening. It is Sunday morning. At least five different bells are calling we humans to pause and listen, to gather and sing praise, just as the birds gather and sing. We are invited today into a time of sabbath, silence and solitude. Some will go to a […]

Pilgrimage – Day 7

“Call us to hear the voices that challenge deep in the hearts of all people. By serving your world as lovers and dreamers We become voices that challenge For we are the voice of God.” – David Haas, refrain from Voices that Challenge ——————————————— The prophetess Hildegard found her voice and challenged the likes of […]

Pilgrimage – Day 6

You of the whirling wings, Circling encompassing Energy of God: You quicken the world in your clasp. One wing soars in heaven One wing sweeps the earth And the third flies all around us. Praise to Sophia! Let all the earth praise her! – Antiphon for Divine Wisdom: O Virtus sapientiae   For Hildegard, Wisdom offers […]

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