We are Visions United, and we believe that a church is not a building; it is a community of spiritual people with open hearts and minds, making a difference where they live and in this world.



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Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a new Christian, or looking for a less formal way to connect with spirit, we welcome you. Ask questions, find your way, live the life that fills you up. We can help


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Giving Tree – Winter 2020

“Open Hands” – In the Winter 2020… Each hand shows donations to Reconnect and Karing Kitchen.  In addition In December: we supported to Moncton Headstart Toyland, the John Howard Society for Tim Horton’s gift cards and the Salvus Clinic helping the homeless. In January two services were cancelled due to snowstorms so there were no […]

Giving Tree – Fall 2019

“Open Hands” – In the Fall 2019… There were donations to Reconnect and Karing Kitchen each month, and during the following months to these individual groups September, to the Alzheimers Society, October to Hospice Greater Moncton and Camp Ta-Wa-Si for repairs, November to Inclusion Advocacy.

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