World Food Day

Visions Celebrates World Food Day

Seeds are sacred. Seeds are a constant reminder the Creating Spirit of God is always at work in ordinary and extraordinary ways. During our Spirit Gathering on World Food Sunday (Oct 15th) we created this sacred circle or mandala as a visual prayer.

We also celebrated our contribution to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank over the past year through our support of a Maritime Grow Hope project, partnering with the school in River Hebert.

Seed Blessing Prayer

We hold these seeds in our hands as a present and future gift.
Their existence reminds us of the power of dreams to grow in unexpected ways.
Their growth will help us celebrate Life, and Promise for a world where all are fed and all are loved.
May these seeds remind us all, that we, too, are sacred seeds planted in the Creator's garden.
Thanks Be for the gift of these seeds!


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