2018 Easter in Portugal

Here are pictures from Easter in Portugal. They decorate the streets (4,000 Steps on my Fitbit) and this is the parade route from the church. Several families go to the fields and collect flowers in the moon light and come sunrise they decorate the streets with very special designs. It really is something to see.

At the church the men and boys gather with beautiful flower arrangements on broom sticks. They will carry them through the streets and walk over the flowers. One man will shout in Portuguese CHRIST HAS RISEN and everyone responds- alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. This will last until the parade finishes (approximately 2 Hours). They also hoist the Flower Torches high in the air while they are shouting.

They carry the cross, the lamb, the statue of Mary, and it finishes with a band. It appears like there may be a little competition for the group with the most decorated torches. Some of them were very impressive. I was told that there may be a family group, a group from work, maybe a soccer team, etc.

The original Torches used to have candles and then was a shortage of wax so the started just using flowers.

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