Pilgrimage Week 1

Week Ending June 6, 2020

Weekly Update: 946.3 km

Pilgrimage Goal: 7292 km

Total Participants: 51

Total Pods: 8 (includes a DOG POD) 🙂

Word for the Coming Week: JUSTICE

We will use this word to reflect on as we walk, run or roll through our week.

Some words may inspire you with exciting new insights while others may disturb your thinking or challenge your beliefs. Sometimes you will love or take comfort in what you are hearing, while other times you may feel discomfort or resistance. Pay attention to all as this is part of your journey.

If you wish, keep a journal about your insights, whether challenging, comforting or enlightening. And remember, there is no right or wrong way to travel. This is your journey - you get to decide how you will travel - you need only to begin. Most of all, enjoy the journey knowing that you have many pilgrims who are "virtually" traveling with you!

See you in Victoria!

Some pictures that were sent in this week

Pigrimage Highlights

Greetings from “Pam’s Pilgrims”

The first week was only 5 days and a time to begin our Cross Canada Pandemic Pilgrimage adventure. Our group are friends and family members plus three wonderful dogs. We come from Ottawa, Fredericton, Wood Point, River Hebert and Brookfield. Some walked, others biked and we have a runner. All of us enjoy nature and often capture beautiful picture of very special moments when we are amazed by the beautiful world around us. We hope to share some of those pictures on this web site and I do hope you will do the same.

In the beginning – we did not know who would join our walk, where they would come from, how to record our KM and how to connect to the site. Please understand this is a work in progress by volunteers. We just want to have fun being together on a journey.

At the end of every week we will be somewhere in this beautiful country and can attend a virtual church service with people we have never met but what matters is we are together in spirit.


Are we there yet?

That had to be the fastest trip across Newfoundland I have ever been on.  This week our accumulated mileage puts us just off the coast of Cape Breton Island.  Read about the history of the area here:

- Cape Breton History

Home of the Cabot Trail

Home of the Cabot Trail

Local Virtual Services for June 7

The United Church of Canada Website has the following local area United Church listings for the Area


Time Zone Converter

Since we are displaying services in their Local Time Zone you may want to convert that time to your local area. Here is helpful website to perform this task.


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  1. Day 7 – so happy to learn that we have 6 beautiful dogs on our adventure. Meet Kipper, Ricky, Harry, Logan, Maya and Beau! Note how they do the Cross Canada Pandemic Pilgrimage close to the earth by sniffing, looking closely in every ditch, stopping to listen to what is going on near the ground, viewing the insects, looking at the roots of plants – oh to be as smart as a dog. What can they teach us?? ( I plan to take my pictures from their eye level) you know how short I am so it will not be a big change and maybe it will. Pam

  2. Great progress so far on our journey. We visited Carmen United today. Great service.

    Tammy is looking forward to reaching land tomorrow.

  3. Day 8 – I walked with the word JUSTICE in mind. Upon returning home I prepared my breakfast and switched on the news! Justice Stories filled the TV screen with stories From across Canada. The one that touched me most happened in Africville , near Halifax. It was a prayerful protest and their story was powerful. There is so much to ponder.

    My walk this week will be a justice Walk , seeking justice in all things.

    Thanks to everyone that is walking, biking, running and rolling – we are together on a fun journey. Pam’s Pilgrims

  4. Day 9- this morning on my walk I looked at the 1,000’s of trees and wondered -if they could speak – what they would tell us. How do they live “justice”. Every bird, insect and animal is welcome to rest in the tree, no discrimination! All are welcome in this place. Some choose to live in the tree like the eagles whose nest that may be over 30 yrs old. The tree celebrate life.

    Last evening I joined the crew of the Maritime Elm Tree Protection project and we visited a group on 10 old growth Elm Trees for the purpose of protecting them from Dutch Elm disease. They are so large, older than Canada and have welcomes 1,000’s of species to live and climb on its branches, to enjoy its shade on a hot day and to make the world more beautiful by its stature. Listen to the trees.

  5. Day 11 – yesterday was very busy and I did walk but no time to write. The weather seem very interesting and so I better get walking. Strong winds and dark clouds does not make for a good plan. Every day and every walk gets us closer to our goal. So excited to receive the numbers this week. We are sure working hard to get to BC.

    A friend of mine in Halifax is walking with another group and she indicates the” virtual walking “ is her inspiration. There are about 20 of them doing the same walk across Canada!

    Oh yes, one more thing- I was on a zoom call yesterday with a group planning a UN peace event and they are calling this time “ the big pause” because we are resting and looking at life in a new way!

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