09-18 Survey-Update

Survey Overview of Results

COVID-19 has forced all public services, charities and event planers to adjust their operations to ensure everyone’s safety and minimize the risks associated with personal interactions.

Visions responded to COVID-19 challenges with a new virtual approach to worship and community.  While church events outside of worship were reduced, teams and committees continue to move forward to support Vision’s ministry.

After several months of virtual worship, the survey provided essential feedback that helps to gauge people’s interest, participation, and their comfort levels with personal interactions. Results will help share Visions’ approach to worship and community in the coming months.

Key areas of interest that were measured by the survey included:

• Satisfaction with the current service format and intent to continue viewing the services
• Potential adjustments to virtual gatherings and events
• Technology challenges and considerations
• Feelings regarding attendance at in-person gatherings

Results Highlights

Nearly 80% of respondents have attended more than half of the virtual gatherings and will continue to view them in future. Of the respondents who viewed five or fewer virtual gatherings, the majority indicated that lack of technology or access were the reason for not attending. We will need to look at ways that those who cannot access the virtual gatherings can continue to worship and feel like part of our community.

Responses suggest that 39.6% of respondents had some interest in adjusting services to increase virtual conversation and participation. 60.4% were not interested and the majority of these indicated they liked services as they are now or were not comfortable with the technology required.

54.7% of respondents would be open to social bubble spiritual gatherings in COVID protocols were in place. Similarly, 54.9% indicate an interest in online group activities outside of spirit gatherings. 77.4% of respondents appreciate check-in chats either by traditional phone call (58.5%) or by online virtual chat (19.5%).


In terms of technology, there is familiarity with mainly Zoom and Skype and limited use of Facebook Live and WebEx technologies. Technology does seem to challenge respondents and limit their interest in evolving the virtual spirit gatherings.

Interest in in-person spirit gatherings with COVID-19 protocols in place is fairly high at 69.2%. Of those who are not interested, 23.1% of respondents cited being uncomfortable out of their own bubble as the reason why they would not attend in-person spirit gatherings.

In-person activities beyond spirit gatherings were of interest to 51.9% of respondents. Of those who were not comfortable, 26.9% indicated they were uncomfortable out of their own bubble and an additional 15.4% suggested they were only interested in Spirit Gatherings.

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