11-18 Community Hub Update

The construction site at 140 Joyce Avenue continues to be a busy place!
Have you had the chance to drive by? Here are a couple recent updates.

On Sunday a group from Visions known as our New Ministry Engagement Team did a site visit and a drive-tour of this area of Moncton to discover the various neighbourhoods.
The team includes Lori Ann Burns, Joan Hawkes, Megan Smith-Landry, Justin Landry and Peter Lightfoot.
Justin Landry is a data scientist, so he is helping us better understand the demographic study prepared for Visions last year. Knowing who is our 'neighbour' helps us communicate and plan programs and outreach.

Ministry Engagement Team

Rev. Shawn is pictured standing where the minister's future office will be located.

Structural steel posts and beam now in place

This Community Hub project is a partnership between the John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick and Visions United Church.

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