06-09 Community Hub Update

The construction site at 140 Joyce Avenue continues to be a busy place!
Have you had the chance to drive by? Here are a couple recent updates.


Work on the garden area of the Community Hub continued this week. Over the weekend a few people picked rock from the area. On Tuesday, the ground was tilled to loosen the soil. John Russell is hoping to source some delivery of compost and get seed sown by the weekend!
John was interviewed as part of last week's Spirit Gathering and talked about the measures being taken to remediate the soil and improve organic matter with some different crops this summer/fall.

Meanwhile, our Visions New Ministry Team is meeting with and interviewing other churches in the area of the Hub. We've identified 9 congregations and are speaking with them about their experience of ministry in this part of Moncton, what programs they offer, and seeking to build relationship with these other churches. The interviews are also part of the Community Hub Engagement Team's learning about the community.

Tilling - Hub Garden

This Community Hub project is a partnership between the John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick and Visions United Church.

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