Visions in the Cloud – October 03


World Wide Communion Sunday October 3rd

Praying a Blessing with Breads of the World
Churches all over the world join as 'one body in Christ' and celebrate Communion.
Apart - yet together - in Spirit, our Visions family of faith will celebrate communion this Sunday.
Using a variety of breads we will reflect on needs in our world.

We invite you to 'set' a table for worship with your symbols.

Bring a little bread/cracker and juice/water for Communion.
Light your Christ Candle
All are welcome at the Table of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Wow! What a great reflection with all those breads. Lots of participants involved. “When we Gather at the Table” is a new hymn for me. I thought Brian sounded great. Thank you so much to all who participated and the bread makers as well. Great start to the day and the week.

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