Visions in the Cloud – Jan 30


"Jesus Calls Us!"

We talk a lot about our 'calling' as Christians. But what does a story from first century Palestine about Jesus calling the disciples have to do with us in the 21st Century? This week we introduce our theme for February, "Jesus Calls Us", with the foundational story found in the gospel of Luke 5:1-11: "Come, I'll Make You Fishers of People".


Covid-19 Update

With the increasing Covid19 cases, and our commitment to keeping everyone as safe as possible, we are currently having services online only until further notice.

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  1. Thanks for the service, Rev Shawn and Brian .
    Also enjoyed the singing as well as seeing Robert & Lynn .

    Also high five to whoever changed the technology, so much better!
    I thought where I complained about the old way, I had better comment on the
    new one!

    Wishing church family a safe and healthy week!

    • Hi Phyllis, thank you very much for the comment and for the positive feedback on the technology improvement! We truly have an amazing tech volunteer team!

  2. A great service. Good link to Brian’s theme for February. Bill sees Lynne & Bob when he delivers grocery cards but I wait in the car. Thanks to all the participants.

  3. We watched this service and enjoyed it all – the message “Come Follow Me”, the music selections, the prayer and the illustrations and then we got a big surprise when we saw our good friends Bob and Lynne Murray pop up showing them on their “date night”. The whole service gave us a lift. Thank you.

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