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March 3, 2024 marks an end to Rev Shawn Redden's journey with Visions United Church.

We wish her well in the next Chapter of her life...

Thank-you for your passion, dedication and care of the Visons Family.  You will be missed.


Pastoral Letter from Rev Shawn Redden

A ‘Thank You’ from Shawn

I am touched and very appreciative of the kindness and generosity shared with me last Sunday (March 3rd) at the “good-bye” celebration. What a wonderful potluck! Thank you to each of you who worked behind the scenes, organizing the event, preparing food, tending the kitchen, decorating, and so much more!

For the cards and messages, the slideshow tribute of our ministry together, the kind words shared, the special bouquet of flowers, the beautiful piece of New Brunswick pottery, candle, handcrafted wood cheese board, and generous gift of money – thank you! (I will likely use it once I move to purchase bookshelves for my new space, as my office will be from home. And as you know, I have many books in my library).

Friends, most especially I am grateful for your presence and taking the time to gather for the service and celebration. Blessings on your journey. You’ve been such a blessing on mine!

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