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Our Spirit Gatherings are held 10:30 am Sunday


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While we wait to relocate to the Community Hub on Joyce (September 2021), our Staff is working from home offices.

Office Administrator Hours - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 9am - 1pm

  • Email if you have questions or concerns (
  • Telephone 506.384.0843

Minister Hours:  Available by email and by phone Tuesday - Sunday

  • Email if you have questions or concerns (
  • Telephone 506.384.0843

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3 weeks ago

Visions United Church
Happy 97th Birthday, United Church of Canada!God?I pray that The United Church of Canadain celebrating its 97 years,would remember thatwe are people of both brokennessand greatness,of sin and of salvation,of the transformative realityof Christ's love.I pray that the Holy Spirit's wingswill move with such a forcethat they batter and bash down the walls we have created,even as they lift upthose the church turns away.I pray that the Creator of all thingswill anchor us, again,in the web that is life,and we will be, each and every one,a nurturer of the gospel of life,that lives in every blade of grass,every creature that swims or squiggles,that crawls, walks, or flies.I pray for this church,that we would be one with one another,that we would learn from our neighbours,that we would be an agent of healing and hope,that we would live the Way of Jesus, Christ,in all its difficulty,in all its wonder and joy.I pray, loving God,that we would be more than was envisioned,those many years ago,and that, in all of our twists and turns,our growing and shrinking,our tearing down and our building up,that we would never, ever, forgetthat we are your people,and you are our God.Then.Now.Always.Amen. ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Visions United Church
Thank you, Visions! I received the most beautiful bouqet of roses this morning during the WOW moments, a card of best wishes, and some clay creations from the children afterwards, all recognizing the 30th Anniversary of my Ordination this past week, May 31st. Five years ago you held an amazing celebration on my 25th... this certainly was not necessary or expected, but your kindness is cherished. Thank you. You are an amazing community of faith and I feel blessed. ... See MoreSee Less
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