Our Values

What brings us together is our shared values of

  • Extravagant Openness
  • Innovative Spiritual Growth
  • Abundant Generosity
  • Uncommon Boldness

What makes Visions United unique is HOW we LIVE those values every day.

Extravagant Openness

  • Welcoming the committed, the comfortable and the curious. Everyone belongs here
  • Doing the right thing, engaging uncomfortable ideas, leading the way to understanding
  • Practicing inclusion over exclusion, love over fear, resolution over conflict. Respecting a diversity of peoples, ideas and beliefs
  • Seeking partnerships beyond our doors, trusting we can learn from others and work together for peace and justice

Innovative Spiritual Growth

  • Journeying together in spiritual growth, enriched by the wisdom of elders and the wonderings of children and youth
  • Growing our faith at any stage of our journey includes asking questions, challenging beliefs, expressing doubts, and sharing inspiration
  • Connecting our faith with today's world, rooted in the teachings of Jesus, thoughtful prayer, and insights from other wisdom traditions
  • Reimagining “church” with informal, engaged and joy-filled worship experiences

Abundant Generosity

  • Acting locally and globally, knowing we make a difference
  • Sharing a generosity of spirit in every word, every gesture, every interaction with the world
  • Living in gratitude, giving of our time, talent, gifts and spirit without expectation
  • Exhibiting love in action and love at play… love in abundance



Uncommon Boldness

  • Daring to let faith ― not fear ― guide our actions and decisions
  • Unrelenting confidence to try new things and leave behind what’s not working
  • Celebrating our faith with infectious laughter, spontaneity and humour
  • Unwavering resilience in the face of challenge. Our path may not lead where we expected but we have faith we are going in the right direction