No matter how you came to visit our site, welcome! Whether you are looking for peace, community, guidance or fellowship, you’ll find it here at Visions United where God’s doors are open to all. Affiliated with the United Church of Canada, we believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to our community beyond a Sunday morning service (what we at Visions call our Spirit Gatherings).

The need to serve our community brought us to establish our church home in North Moncton’s first Community Hub, a space we share with the John Howard Society. This location will let us explore and address local community needs.

Join us in-person each Sunday at 10:30am
at the Community Hub on Joyce
or here via Live Stream

Latest Posts

Visions in the Cloud – Apr 9

Seeking: Who are you looking for? On this Easter, who – or what – are you looking for? What kind of Jesus are you seeking?  What veils need to be lifted so your spirit can sing an Alleluia, and you can recognize the wonder of resurrection wherever it is occurring? Join us as we celebrate the […]

Visions in the Cloud – Apr 7

Seeking: Why have you forsaken me? Join us for this contemplative service of reflection and prayer. Jesus’ lament gives voice to the question asked by all those who have been forsaken, who’ve felt forsaken. Sitting with this question unveils many more questions: What do we do in the face of suffering? Can we sit in […]

Visions in the Cloud – Apr 2

Seeking: Where are you headed? Palm Sunday is the Story of Two Parades. One extravagant and expected. Another, unconventional and unorthodox. Imagine you are in Jerusalem when Jesus enters on a donkey. Amid the chaos and commotion of that scene, where are you? In the midst of opposing forces which way will you go? Many […]