We are Visions United, and we believe that a church is not a building; it is a community of spiritual people with open hearts and minds, making a difference where they live and in this world.


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Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a new Christian, or looking for a less formal way to connect with spirit, we welcome you. Ask questions, find your way, live the life that fills you up. We can help


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Visions in the Cloud – May 02

Who’s Sitting On Our Windowsills? The Story of Eutychus Our theme series, Acts Now! Stories of Making Church Outside a Building, continues with this story about youth and is relevant to anyone who may be ‘sitting on the margins’. How will we welcome all into our life of worship and prayer and be a place […]

04-22 Community Hub Update

The construction site at 140 Joyce Avenue continues to be a busy place! Have you had the chance to drive by?¬†Here are a couple recent updates. The outside of the building is starting to get some finishings! Stone facade was added this past week on the front of the apartment side in two places. Delivery […]

Visions in the Cloud – April 25

Making the Unknown God…Known…In New Ways We live in a world that no longer ‘speaks Christian’. How do we speak of our faith in ways that welcome stranger and neighbour in love and respect, while sharing the ‘good news’ of the Gospel of Jesus? This week we read the story of Paul’s visit to Athens […]

Visions in the Cloud – April 18

Turning the World (and the Church) Upside Down!¬† The early followers of Jesus were accused of ‘turning the world upside down’ with their message of good news. In our day, too, the gospel values of peace, justice and God’s radical love for all people can clash with our consumer culture’s values. How will we ‘turn […]

Celebrating Pam

Our Visions family Celebration of Pam Harrison

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