No matter how you came to visit our site, welcome! Whether you are looking for peace, community, guidance or fellowship, you’ll find it here at Visions United where God’s doors are open to all. Affiliated with the United Church of Canada, we believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to our community beyond a Sunday morning service (what we at Visions call our Spirit Gatherings).

The need to serve our community brought us to establish our church home in North Moncton’s first Community Hub, a space we share with the John Howard Society. This location will let us explore and address local community needs.

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Join us Sunday AM at 10:30 at the COMMUNITY HUB or Livestream

Latest Posts

Visions in the Cloud – Sept 24

Affronted or Amazed by Generous Grace? Our world is too often divided by ‘us vs them’, who is deserving and who is not, who is in and who is out. Grace can be a scarce commodity. Thankfully, in the economics of the kindom of God, grace is an abundant gift for all! Join us as we contemplate […]

Visions in the Cloud – Sept 17

Forgiveness – More Than a Word Spoken Forgiveness is a spiritual practice. It takes courage and commitment. It is more than a word spoken. How do we hold each other to loving accountability and live graciously into the spiral of repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation and transformation? Join us as we continue our conversation about what it […]

Visions in the Cloud – Sept 10

Built Upon The Rock   Jesus promises us ‘where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among you’. This week we regather as a spiritual community for a new season. What does it mean to be a community together? How do we handle disagreements? How do we draw the circle wider? Where […]

2023 Visions with Pride

A great day for Pride. Lots of friends turned up at the Pride Parade this year. Looking forward to next year! United Church at River of Pride – Central United Church – Moncton – St. Paul’s United Church – Riverview – Visions United Church – Moncton