We are Visions United, and we believe that a church is not a building; it is a community of spiritual people with open hearts and minds, making a difference where they live and in this world.


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Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a new Christian, or looking for a less formal way to connect with spirit, we welcome you. Ask questions, find your way, live the life that fills you up. We can help


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Visions in the Cloud – Lent 2

Lenten Week 2: A Covenant of Trust In these times of stress, we need to be able to talk to God more than ever. Do we expect an answer back? Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16.

Visions in the Cloud – Lent 1

This Sunday our Lenten series on covenant begins with the “Covenant of Promise” (Genesis 9:8-17). After the flood, came a rainbow, God’s signature of covenant promise with all creation. After this pandemic… during this pandemic…. there is hope: God’s promise is with us,¬†even now.

Spirit Gatherings Lent-Easter

“Spring is coming! That is the promise of Lent. The death of winter will give way to newness of life Violence and hate will give way to love and hope for all. It’s just that spring isn’t here yet. God’s new world isn’t here YET…” Join us this Lent as we hear the stories of […]

Celebrating Pam

Our Visions family Celebration of Pam Harrison

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