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Visions in the Cloud – June 19

Life at the Heart of the Universe The mystery of the Trinity is a spiritual and religious way of understanding what animates life at the heart of the universe. This week we dust off the doctrine of the Trinity as we play with a fidget spinner, ponder what it means to be alive and in […]

Fresh For Less

Fresh for Less is a food purchasing club created to help families & individuals have year-round access to fresh fruit and vegetable at affordable prices. Club members pay $20.00 at the due date of each month, if you wish to receive a produce box on the last Wednesday of each month Who is running this […]

Visions in the Cloud – June 12

Reimagining our Ministry & Governance: Drawing the Circle Wider The team working on a new recommendation for how we engage in our mission together, leadership and governance will offer a reflection and presentation, and invite us into conversation.

Visions in the Cloud – June 05

Pentecost – Knowing Jesus by the Spirit Pentecost brings to a close the season of Easter with the fiery, windy festival of the Holy Spirit. This week we hear part 2 of the story of how those first followers came to “Know Jesus in a New Way”. Join us as we celebrate the gift of […]

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