Neighbourhood Consultation Session

Invitation to local residents

Neighbourhood Consultation Session – Wed. June 13, 7 p.m., Visions United Church

You are invited to attend a consultation about the future of the church building owned by Visions United Church of Canada, and formerly known as Stilesville United, located at 1270 Gorge Road.

Visions United has outgrown the church building. To meet our growing needs and ensure sustainability, Visions is seeking a partnership with another like-minded organization, potentially at an alternate location. We’re exploring the possible future of the current church property without a congregation operating the facilities.

We know that for many this building represents many fond memories and a place of community gathering. We want to hear from you to understand your thoughts and concerns.

If the building is not to be part of Vision’s future, we want the community to understand the path forward and we want to understand what it means for those who have an attachment to the building.

We are looking to explore all possible uses of the property including:
- Partnership ideas to share the property with Visions United
- Interest in community ownership of the property
- Potential listing and sale of the property

This decision to seek a partnership and different location was not made lightly. The decision of what to do with the property and building will not be made lightly either. We understand it has the potential to affect people who live in this area.

Please join us in conversation:
Wednesday, June 13, 7 p.m. at Visions United Church, 1270 Gorge Road
Light refreshments will be served.

The leadership of Visions United Church

Hat Day!

Wear or bring a hat! May 20, we celebrated our Family of Faith on Mother's Day, also known as Christian Family Sunday.

Everyone was invited to wear (or bring) a hat - any hat that tells a story of you. Maybe it's a hat that was given to you... maybe it's a hat you wear running or fishing or gardening... maybe it's a nursing cap or grad cap, a ball cap or hockey helmet... maybe your hat has a logo that means something to you like your workplace, or favorite sports team or special place you visited... maybe you just like hats!

We will celebrate the diversity of our family of faith with our hats and the stories they represent.

Dover Cemetery

Visions United spent the day cleaning up the Dover Cemetery. This cemetery was transferred to Visions care last year. It was created in 1848 and was part of the former Methodist church that was adjacent to the property. The church was removed in 1950.

Ban Single Use Plastic Bags

If you would like to support our Petition, please sign and share.

If you can provide the City and Ward # you live in we can direct the various Council members in the Greater Moncton area of your concerns.

Ward Maps

If you do not know what ward you are in, here is a list

Riverview Ward Map

Moncton Ward Map

Dieppe Ward Map


Learm More about Visions United

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Donate to Visions Congregational Life or Mission and Services Funds

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The origins of the idea was a member of the congregation who felt that we should consider a ban on plastic in our community.  During Lent, the congregation was asked to give up single use plastics.  This led to the idea of approaching City Hall with a Petition.  Visions United members brought their petition to Moncton City Council on Monday May 7, 2108.

It calls for a Ban on Single Use plastic bags.  The CBC was there and filed this report: Plastic Bag Ban

Moncton City Council advised us this issue will be on the agenda of the Tri-Communities meeting (Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview) on June 13th, 2018.  Let's join our voices to let our officials know we support a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags. One small action can make a difference!


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Signatures to Date

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The Giving Tree

Green Initiative - Petition for Moncton City Council to ban single use plastic.

This Giving Tree tells the story of our outreach and the projects we support through our Visions Aid Fund.


We will be updating this page throughout the year...