Snowman Wow Moment

Giant Snowman!

Check out this HUGE 8 foot snowman that Dale Renton made!  We haven't had much snow so far this season but what we have has been put to creative use!


Advent Wreaths

In this year of Covid-19 we all must do our part to bring HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE to our world.

So my Advent wreath reflect how I am trying to do my part.

Hope - saw masks go to children in Kenya and the Dominion Republic. Please feel free to add you own story of how that May bring hope!

Peace - I made masks for all the teachers and staff at our school. The masks were displayed to look like a wreath and contained a ‘thank you letter’ for all the extra efforts the teachers give to teaching virtually, extra cleaning and managing the stress of Covid on every student. The masks were made with fun winter images on one side and the other side was full of stars. I mentioned that teachers are the stars during these interesting times. Peace on earth!

Joy - and today I think you will receive JOY when you see my wreath, surrounded by my sewing tools. The wreath is made from masks and I think I have made and given away over 2020 masks.


Pam’s Masks

Pam really liked this picture of the masks she made around her sewing machine.

These were the ones she made for the children at her friend's school in Kenya.

She sewed over 2020 masks since the pandemic began


This is an article written about Pam making masks that was in the UCW newsletter

November 2020

Claudia Schaerer


Wow Moment about Polio Vaccine

On Wednesday I spoke to the grade 7 and 8 class about Polio eradication. Polio was a pandemic, in the 50’s it spread to every country and was declared by the United Nations as the “world's greatest health concern”. Then we talked about polio compared to coronavirus and how we might reduce the fears? They had wonderful ideas, I sure was impressed wit their knowledge.

We went outside to plant tulips around a newly planted Oak Tree. The tree was planted before thanksgiving in memory of a classmate that was killed by a speeding driver as he walking home from school. He was only twelve, some of the students told me the story as we were planting. A tragedy for them to live with at such a young age.

My wow moment was being with such Wonderful young people!!

Submitted October 29, 2020

Mr Rogers Neighbourhood

Visions United and Central United enjoyed a wonderful theatre party in Dieppe. The Tom Hanks movie “ Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood “ was enjoyed by 52 folks , most of whom remember the children’s TV show - Mr Rogers.


Thanks to Pam Harrison for organizing this event!

Celebration in Portugal for new $10 banknote

On International Women’s Day, seven Canadian women in Portugal celebrated the new $10 banknote design, featuring civil rights champion Viola Desmond on the front and the Museum on the back. Pam Harrison met with her friends to usher in a new chapter in Canadian history. They gathered with their old $10 bills and as the reveal of the new banknote design was happening in Halifax, webcast around the world, they tossed their bills to the sky.

“A great day for women, and wonderful recognition for the Desmond family to know their beloved sister and aunt made positive change possible,” said Harrison, who is a Museum member.

2018 Easter in Portugal

Here are pictures from Easter in Portugal. They decorate the streets (4,000 Steps on my Fitbit) and this is the parade route from the church. Several families go to the fields and collect flowers in the moon light and come sunrise they decorate the streets with very special designs. It really is something to see.

At the church the men and boys gather with beautiful flower arrangements on broom sticks. They will carry them through the streets and walk over the flowers. One man will shout in Portuguese CHRIST HAS RISEN and everyone responds- alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. This will last until the parade finishes (approximately 2 Hours). They also hoist the Flower Torches high in the air while they are shouting.

They carry the cross, the lamb, the statue of Mary, and it finishes with a band. It appears like there may be a little competition for the group with the most decorated torches. Some of them were very impressive. I was told that there may be a family group, a group from work, maybe a soccer team, etc.

The original Torches used to have candles and then was a shortage of wax so the started just using flowers.

Greetings From Portugal

Greetings from Portugal.

It is a very small world when you belong to a social justice church- The United Church of Canada. This morning I joined friend to attend a bible study at the International Church of the Algarve. There were 11 different nationalities who all bring a different way of thinking of the scriptures. So it is an interesting discussion.

Anyway, here is God speaking to me in a very special way. After the bible study discussion we stay for lunch at which time I start working the crowd to find out where people are from, etc. thus I met this couple.

In the 80's Joan , from England, was working at Brunswick Street Mission in the soup kitchen . She was a student and volunteered weekly in an effort to feed the homeless. John was homeless and suffered from mental illness. She cared for him and they fell in love. Now they live in England where they found work caring for others. They are visiting friends in Portugal and so came this morning to bible study. John is subject to mental illness and she is still his guardian angel.

When I told them I was from Nova Scotia, Canada they were quick to share their story and delighted to have their picture taken with someone who loves BRUNSWICK STREET MISSION.

Carnival in Portugal

Carnival in Portugal with Pam Harrison

To mark the beginning of Lent the CARNAVAL is a three day celebration. There were very large crowds, street decorations, decorated store fronts, children in costumes - just lots of fun! Enjoy the pictures.

Geocaching and Climbing Cliffs

This was a fun day when I joined new friends from Thunder Bay to go GEOCACHING. We found two sites in Estio and you can see we had to climb a fence and feel around on a rooftop to try to find the clue. At the second location we were at a church and found the clue in the courtyard behind the mailbox. New adventure for me but I think it will be fun to do at home. There are 336 site in Sackville, NB.

I was invited to join three friends from Ottawa to go "cliff climbing" and so up we go maybe 300 ft above sea level. The view was wonderful as you can see! However, there was lots of very small paths where my finger prints can still be found on the rocks. What a thrill. You get your money's worth because it is just as challenging coming down as going up.