Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction

God’s Word for Humanity today  (Click image to watch YouTube video)

  1. Stop thinking of me (God) as anything less than Reality with a personality
  2. Stop thinking of ‘divine revelation’ and ‘God’s word’ apart from evidence
  3. Stop thinking of Genesis, or your creation story, apart from Big History
  4. Stop thinking of theology apart from ecology.
  5. Stop defining ‘progress’ in short-term, human centred ways.
  6. Stop allowing the free or subsidized polluting of the commons.
  7. Stop using renewable resources faster than they can be replenished.
  8. Stop using non-renewable resources in ways that harm or rob future generations.
  9. Stop exploring for coal, oil and natural gas-keep most of it in the ground.
  10. Stop making excuses for the inexcusable gap between rich and poor.

Taking a Break

Our CLT Chairperson, Claudia recently relocated for a short term project to Bangladesh, and has sent some pictures. "I am part of a team of 14 consultants hired to update the country’s 20 year Forestry Master Plan. My main area of focus is climate change vulnerability – how are forests expected to be impacted by the effects of climate change, and what can be done to reduce the vulnerability of forest-dependent communities to the effects of climate change. Other consultants will be contributing to these topics, just as I will be contributing to other areas of the plan"

Images from Claudia’s Trip

Welcome Rev Dr. Shawn Redden

The Covenanting Service was held on Sunday, March 6 at 3:00pm for Rev. Dr. Shawn Redden. Members of Visions United, Presbytery and family and friends were on hand to welcome Shawn to the Visions family.

Rev. Shawn was co-minister at St. Paul’s United Church in Riverview from 2000 to 2010. For the past five years, Rev. Shawn had been co-minister at St. Paul’s United Church in Sussex. Rev. Shawn also ministered at Trinity United Church in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (1995 to 2000) and Barrington Pastoral Charge in Barrington, Nova Scotia (1992-1995).

Some of her many strengths include being great with children and youth, being very familiar with Godly Play (Rev. Shawn is one of the key persons to introduce Godly Play to our Presbytery), training and leading lay leaders, and being respectful of others and where they are on their faith journey. She is able to explain a concept so that others understand. Rev. Shawn’s ability to name a vision and to bring others to it, will be of great value to Visions United as we work on a strategic plan to help guide us on our journey

Welcome Shawn!