Community Hub on Joyce

A 21st Century experiment in koinonia (community)
140 Joyce Avenue, Moncton

Visions United and the John Howard Society

The Community Hub on Joyce is a partnership initiative of Visions United (VU) and the John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick (JHS). We came together in late 2018 with a shared vision of developing a hub of 20 affordable housing units, space for partner organizations to collaborate, and a mission to engage the community.

We opened our doors in November 2021. The facility is owned and managed by the John Howard Society, who also oversees the affordable housing units and provides support for the residents.

Where is the Community Hub on Joyce Located?

140 Joyce Avenue is situated amid many low-rise apartments with diverse populations and social-economic needs. Immediately north are the residential areas off Hennessey, Elmwood and McLaughlin Drives, an area of Moncton that is growing! The well-established neighbourhoods of Sunny Brae are to the south.

This area of northeast Moncton has little community gathering space. Our hope is the Community Hub on Joyce will strengthen the sense of neighbourhood in this area of our city.

The location provides an excellent opportunity for Visions to engage the local community with our worship, programs and outreach.

Visions' involvement with the Community Hub project is supported as a New Ministry initiative of the United Church of Canada since May 2020. Our project is called 'Northeast Moncton Community Hub: a 21st Century experiment in koinonia (community)'.

Visions is like an ‘anchor tenant’ at the hub:

  • Providing a spiritual home, welcoming a diversity of people
  • Seeking to be a community of support for the residents of the apartments
  • Offering our reputation as a community organization with dedicated volunteers and expertise, by seeking partnerships beyond our doors, trusting we can learn from others and work together for peace and justice.
  • Living our commitment to mission by engaging community with outreach and programming, daring to make a difference one act of kindness at a time.

How do we love neighbourhoods into being?
How do we love communities into being?
– Rev. Shawn Redden

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Our “Vision”, fully realized, will be an experiment of koinonia for the 21st century: a welcoming, inclusive gathering place where people prevail, and community is strengthened.

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