Pilgrimage – Day 3

Nourishing Roots

Today was a pilgrimage day. Consider for a moment your ancestors... the people who’ve walked before you and made all the difference to who you are today.... Call to mind the mentors and guides who have shaped and formed your spirit...
We traveled to Sponheim, the birthplace of Jutta, Hildegard’s spiritual mentor and walked a labyrinth. In the afternoon we made the pilgrimage to Disibodenberg, the Benedictine monastery where Hildegard first entered monastic life. As we hiked up the mountain we paused at seven stations with readings of the story of  Hildegard’s life, song and prayer. At the top we discovered the magnificent ruins of the Disibodenburg monastery - a sacred space - like an open cathedral amidst the trees. Betsy - one of our retreat leaders - offered a movement prayer of gratitude. It was breathtaking.


September 9-19 Rev. Shawn is on Pilgrimage in Germany: “Hildegard of Bingen and the Greening Power of God”.

St. Hildegard was a 12th century  German Benedictine abbess. She was a mystic, composer, artist, poet, healer, and preacher. These short blog posts share some highlights from Rev Shawn’s pilgrimage.

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