April Covid-19 Planning Survey Results

Protocols for In Person Spirit Gatherings

Despite COVID-19 restrictions being lifted by Government in MARCH 2022, infections still are at a high rate in our region, as shown in hospitalization rates and health care employee absentee rates. Because of this, and with the risk profiles of Visions event attendees, your Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) decided that there will be no changes made in Visions’ COVID-19 precautions for April. The protocols listed below are in line with approximately 75% of the responders (total responders 49) to the recent congregational survey completed March 28th.

Thank you for your cooperation and participating in the Covid Planning Survey. This policy will be reviewed before May. Questions or concerns can be directed to Peter Lightfoot.


To download the PDF of the survey results click here

Spirit Gatherings and In Person Hub Events

  • continuous masking (except Spirit Gathering officiants at microphones)
  • 2-metre distancing between “social bubbles”
  • hand washing or hand sanitizer use
  • attendance will no longer be recorded and proof of vaccination status will not be required (Visions cannot legally request such proof)

Conversation Café

  • no Conversation Café in April

Pastoral Care Team Visits

  • no in person visits in April

Home Clergy Visits

  • a direct request from an individual or their family should be made to Shawn or through the Church Office to discuss the circumstances and agreed-upon precautions.

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