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Plastic is everywhere. It makes up the bags at our grocery stores and the lids of our coffee cups. But most of us don’t think about where these plastic items go when we’re through with them. Unfortunately, these plastics are making their way into our waterways, lakes, rivers and eventually into our oceans. It is now common for us to find species that have been negatively affected by plastic pollution, some become entangled and others ingest plastic (mistaking it for a food source).

Join Us!

Did you ever wonder what 388 signed petitions would look like? Well, Visions United has collected that number of signed petitions in support of the Canadian Wildlife Federations "Plastics Reduction Petition"

We encourage everyone to take a look at the Web site, Canadian Wildlife Federations Platic Reduction Petition and join the global community in supporting this cause.


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  1. Nations with coastlines need to keep beaches clean, inspire boaters to take care and encourage their populations to stop using plastic. Pam

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