Pilgrimage – Day 2

Veriditas and the Greening Life Force

The sloping hillsides of the Rhine Valley are green with vineyards. Everywhere there are branches and vines laden with late summer’s fruits - apples, pears, plums and so many grapes! This abundance attests to Hildegard’s theology of Veriditas  - the greening power of God is alive in all things!

Hildegard wrote:

Therefore a person contains both the likeness of heaven and earth in himself or herself. . . A person also has the means to bring forth new life and the desire to do so–just as the earth has the means to bring forth greenness, fruitfulness, and animals.”  - Scivias II.1.2

In Hildegard’s view, the imagery of fruitfulness and barrenness in the natural world is a portal to our spiritual life.

Today’s invitation is to welcome all parts of our being into Veriditas .... Take a long, loving look at your being: Where does the greening power, Life force flow freely in your living? .... and where is that greening power being blocked in your living?

Together we sang, “Veriditas, Veriditas, the greening of my soul.”


September 9-19 Rev. Shawn is on Pilgrimage in Germany: “Hildegard of Bingen and the Greening Power of God”.

St. Hildegard was a 12th century  German Benedictine abbess. She was a mystic, composer, artist, poet, healer, and preacher. These short blog posts share some highlights from Rev Shawn’s pilgrimage.

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