06-02 Community Hub Update

The construction site at 140 Joyce Avenue continues to be a busy place!
Have you had the chance to drive by? Here are a couple recent updates.


There's more colour on the Hub side of the building this week as siding continues to be installed around the area of the Multi-Purpose Room.

Last week, John Russell was onsite helping to prepare the soil in the area where trees and gardens will eventually be planted. John writes

"We got the tile drains in, loosened the soil down to 60 cm and got most of the rocks and concrete slabs picked and hauled away. I was really happy with how the ripping seemed to perform. I think it looks really good and ready for a light tilling to break up the compacted clods of subsoil and get in some buckwheat seed (and hopefully compost)".

Last fall, John worked with the site engineers to modify the proposed storm-water retention to include farmable slopes for water retention into the design. Tune in to our June 6 Spirit Gathering and hear John describe what's happening to improve the soil quality and create arable land at the Hub.

Siding MultiPurpose Room

Hub Garden Soil Prep - Concrete slab lifting while ripping

Hub Garden Soil Prep - drain installation

Hub Siding Competed

Hub Garden Soil Prep - Ripping Completed

Hub Garden Soil Prep - Soil compacted at 50 cm depth just above organic (black) layer

This Community Hub project is a partnership between the John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick and Visions United Church.

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