Visions in the Cloud – December 24


The Inn! Housing the Holy

It's Christmas Eve... we stand at the door of the "Inn".
The Advent lights of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love bid us welcome.
The animals from the stable invite us to each share our unique gift of presence.
Together, we 'house the holy' and shine a light of welcome and compassion in a weary world this season.

Bring a candle to worship as we light candles and sing Silent Night.

Important Christmas Eve Update

With the increasing Covid19 cases, and our commitment to keeping everyone as safe as possible, we've decided to have the service online only.

Understandably, some folks will be disappointed to hear this news, while others may be glad that an online service is being provided.

We hope you can log on and still feel connected to your Visions family through this engaging and carefully planned service. Our Children's Ministry has prepared a story video that is included in the service and is sure to bring you some Christmas cheer. Please bring a candle with you as one will be requested in the online service.

Thank you to all our volunteers who have continued to step up to the challenges that Covid19 has created with so many last minute changes.

We are thinking of you all and wish you the very best Christmas possible.

Additional Reminder: December 26th - No Spirit Gathering

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  1. So very well done. Many, many thanks to all who participated. I know it was a lot of work , put together as an online presentation in a very short amount of time.

    Merry Christmas to all.


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