Visions in the Cloud – Jan 23


Beyond Words
Words...words...words! We are overwhelmed with words, everyday.
What is the power of God's Word for your life?
When do words become actions that transform life?

This week we are inspired by another community of faith released from the 'lockdown' of Exile (Nehemiah 8:1-112), and by Jesus, claiming the power of God's Word as his mission (Luke 4:14-21).

Covid-19 Update

With the increasing Covid19 cases, and our commitment to keeping everyone as safe as possible, we are currently having services online only until further notice.

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  1. “Come and Seek the Way of Wisdom” is new to me. Great to hear Brenda sing it today. Also enjoyed the prelude. Had some difficulty accessing the service earlier but it was worth the wait. Thank you all. Nice story, Claudia.

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