Pilgrimage Week 2

Week Ending June 13, 2020

Current Week: 1624 km

Total To Date: 2570 km

Pilgrimage Goal: 7292 km

Total Participants: 51

Total Pods: 8 (includes a DOG POD) 🙂

Word for the Coming Week: ANGER

We will use this word to reflect on as we walk, run or roll through our week.

Some words may inspire you with exciting new insights while others may disturb your thinking or challenge your beliefs. Sometimes you will love or take comfort in what you are hearing, while other times you may feel discomfort or resistance. Pay attention to all as this is part of your journey.

If you wish, keep a journal about your insights, whether challenging, comforting or enlightening. And remember, there is no right or wrong way to travel. This is your journey - you get to decide how you will travel - you need only to begin. Most of all, enjoy the journey knowing that you have many pilgrims who are "virtually" traveling with you!

See you in Victoria!

Some pictures that were sent in this week

Pigrimage Highlights

So far on our pilgrimage we have put in enough km to make it past Hopewell Rocks and down to Fundy Park.  My father grew up in the Hillsborough area and we had many family trips to Hopewell Rocks and Fundy, and I have lots of great memories of visiting extended family in the area.   As kids we would climb the "flower pots" and explore caves when the tide was out.  Relatives owned the campground in the area.  My uncle (and then cousin) owned "Kelly's Bake Shop" so we always stopped there for a few treats before heading home when we were in Alma.  I even biked from Moncton to Alma when I was 14 to camp at Fundy National Park which was a big deal at the time (quite the adventure).

-- Terry MacTavish-Hawkes

Hopewell Rocks, NB

Are we there yet?

We moved through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick so fast and ended up outside of Montreal, Quebec.  However we have decided to highlight some of the great things the Maritimes have to offer before we leave.


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  1. Greetings – it is wonderful to see over 50 people taking part the the Cross Canada Pandemic Pilgrimage. Which means we are all taking care of our health. Good on us! Hope you are enjoying the journey.
    Within the pictures is the statue of The Man With Two Hats in a park in Ottawa. There is a very interesting about the statue presented to us from Holland, a thank you gift for Canada’s role in the liberation of that country. ( thanks to John Neven) .
    The eagles have a very large nest in an elm tree, believed to be the largest elm tree in Nova Scotia,. That tree is older than Canada.
    So many beautiful things to see in our country. We love to see your pictures so keep sending them to our site.
    It feels like we will be in Quebec and Ontario this week based on our KMs so stay safe and wash your hands.
    Last weeks word was JUSTICE. I read this statement – justice is what love looks like in public!

  2. We are going too fast! This is no fun!
    Thank you, Terry, for posting the info about Atlantic Canada even though we raced across it.
    Maybe we could still post the total km each week but set a cap and linger a bit to enjoy that destination.

  3. Day 14 – in two weeks we walked to Quebec, call your friends and brag a little. Your energy and ambition is so wonderful. It is a great joy to be with 58 people that have energy like yours. Thank you, thank you. During worship at Vision , Shawn said these words – walk as if your feet are kissing the earth. I went for my walk and all I could feel was Pavement , then I walked across the lawn. That is where I need to walk! If feels right.

    My goal this week is to double my walking time because it makes me feel so good to walk and think! My health is improving, I can feel it.

  4. Day 15 – my friend Janice sent a very interesting story about Pilgrams and some of the things they did to prepare for the journey. Water was very important but heavy so they would drink along the way . They would go to the Wells in the village or find streams. One of the most important items they would carry was a shell. The common shell was a Scallop Shell.( It was the best shape for drinking. )

    On my early morning walk I was looking for places where I might rest my water bottle. I wonder what your water bottle looks like? Where might your stop for a drink on your walk and rest your bottle. I found two interesting spots and tomorrow I will take pictures.

    Enjoy your day and I am so grateful to walk with you. Thank you

  5. Day 16- another great walk!
    This morning I was given ‘life lessons ‘ from some dogs. As I walked by this house the owner opened the door to let his four dogs out for their morning run. They came running and barking to me , I am not afraid of dogs, so I put my hand up and sternly said – stop. The owner came running out very angry , cursing and swinging a stick at the dogs. The dogs ran to the back field and he apologized. A few house further along the same road, on the opposite side, I encountered two more smaller dogs who came barking to the edge of road but this time they stopped and wanted to be patted. I explain why I could not pat them and their owner said, “they are so glad to see you. You’re early this morning!” That owner was gentle with the dogs and the dogs were gentle with me. Life is about how you are treated. LIFE LESSONS – treat people kindly, we are all products of our environment.
    Just before I arrived Home I heard my name being called. It was an invitation to pick some rhubarb from their garden. Generosity was another life lesson!
    I wonder – was it like this for Pilgrams many years ago. Be open to the universe and learn !!

  6. When I saw the pilgrimage word for this week was ‘anger’ I must say it caused me to wince, if but a moment. Anger? Then I thought about all the times when my frustration and even anger were such that I’d go for a walk or run. I have raged tears in those moments as I’ve walked. It was cathartic. Then I thought about all the marches for Black Lives Matter, as well as the protest walks this past weekend here in New Brunswick because of the shootings of our indigenous neighbours. Those are walks of righteous anger, and so they should be! And so, this week, as I walk, run, cycle, I will meditate on anger… and how the anger of my black sisters and brothers and my indigenous sisters and brothers at the systematic racism that affords my white privilege is something I need to stand in solidarity with and allow anger to be a motivation for transformation.

  7. Day 18- yesterday was wonderfully busy day and we celebrated Sam’s 16th birthday. We went for a Blizzard at the DQ. On our way there we stopped by Access Nova Scotia to check on the beginners driving licence. He is the last of the grandchildren to drive. We learned he can do it online and so let the learning begin. This is a very special time in their lives, put them behind the wheel, long drives and lots of talking – I love this time.

    Early morning I joined Keith Elliott ,who repaired old headstones, relocated them to a new memorial site. This has been a two year process and it will be wonderful to see it completed. So I only had two very short walks. At the end of yesterday I missed my walk and was feeling it.

    This morning at 6:00 I was back to my walk . So I noticed what I had missed. The smell of the fresh air, the song birds were so loud that I could not hear the sound of my steps, the newly mowed grass, the wild flowers in blossom, and the joy of seeing my deck with beautiful flowers. I sat in the sun for a few minutes and finished my water and rested just like a Pilgrim!

    I have been watching the coronavirus numbers in ON and QB, maybe this a time to mindfully practice social distancing. If you look at the history of some pilgrimages there was lots of areas of concerns. Let’s fill our journey with lots of joy, be sure to share them with us with pictures ,please email me at pam.v.harrison@gmail.com

  8. Day 19 – just back from my first walk of the day. I went a new route and was delighted with the change of wild flowers. The farmer’s fields where the cows were slowing grazing on the sweet green grass, such joy in the simple things in life. Met a man who received a bee sting which started a great chat about the importance of bees. He agreed but told me there was a recent bee funeral !
    Today is a fun time for me when all of members of my pod report their Km’s and then I wait to see our grand total, thanks to everyone who walks, runs and bikes . Your energy is so positive!

  9. Day 20- Pam’s Pilgrams are continuing to walk and bike across Canada. Keeping track of everyone’s km, I see that most everyone is walking a little more each week. Which means our health is improving. Good news!!

    This morning I walked in the opposite direction on the same road and it felt like a new location. There was a deer crossing the road, a beautiful big butterfly hurt on the side of the road and a little frog who hopped out of ditch and across the road. Notice what you notice!

    The flowers seem to be mostly yellow, why is that? At 6:30 there were no people and vehicles to break the silence. So I listened to nature, the song birds were having choir practice while doing their routine of gathering food. It really is a beautiful world.

  10. Hi Pam, Salisbury UCW, name Foxy Ladies walked a total of 124 km. There are 6 of us enjoying our walks and recording each week. Some of our ladies have been walking for years, some are more new at keeping track but all are enjoying our pilgrimage with everyone else. Happy strolling ladies and dogs.. Lois Budd

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