Cross Canada Pandemic Pilgrimage

Join us on a virtual pilgrimage across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Cross Canada is the geography
  • Pandemic is the time in which we are living
  • Pilgrimage is our journey

Whether you walk, run or roll along on wheels, please join in

Click to watch the Video from Vision Aiders

Everyone is welcome!


Our journey will take us a distance of 7,292 kilometres - the length of the Trans-Canada Highway from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

It is a way to connect us in community during this time of pandemic while we are apart. Together, we will transcend closed borders with a common goal.


Word for the Coming Week

Each week we will have a different word to bring on the journey.  We will use this word to reflect on as we walk, run or roll through our week.

Some words may inspire you with exciting new insights while others may disturb your thinking or challenge your beliefs. Sometimes you will love or take comfort in what you are hearing, while other times you may feel discomfort or resistance. Pay attention to all as this is part of your journey.

If you wish, keep a journal about your insights, whether challenging, comforting or enlightening. And remember, there is no right or wrong way to travel. This is your journey - you get to decide how you will travel - you need only to begin. Most of all, enjoy the journey knowing that you have many pilgrims who are "virtually" traveling with you!

See you in Victoria!

If 10 people each walk 5 km per day that equals 50 km per day, 350 km per week. To complete the Trans Canada highway would take about 21 weeks (and finish in October).

- If we get to Victoria sooner than expected we will take another route and come back to Atlantic Canada. (How awesome would that be!)



How will this work?

  • On your daily journey keep track of your distance; an hour’s walk is about 5 km
  • Keep track of your weekly total
  • Each week submit your total to
  • Send a picture if you want that represents your journey
  • Each week the current location on our journey will be highlighted on the MAP
  • A list of United Churches near our "location" will be provided so we can attend a LOCAL virtual service


Pilgrimage Pods

Are you participating in a group?  Let us know who is in your group and what motivates your group. We will  be highlighting people and groups over the course of the Pilgrimage.

  • Invite family and friends to join you
  • Designate a team leader who will provide your teams weekly summary