Pilgrimage Week 6

Week Ending

Current Week:  1393 km

Pilgrimage Goal: 7292 km

Total Participants: 58


July 11, 2020

Total To Date: 9385 km

Amount Over Goal:  2113 km

Total Pods: 8

Question of the Week?

What is the name of Canada's Northernmost community?


Our Call this week for Pilgrimage pictures was a huge success. Lots from the Trinity Trotters from Amherst:

I am a member of the Trinity Trotters from Amherst NS. I have pictures that I took when I went to Northport Park and beach on the Northumberland Strait on July 9th.

Some pictures with the large sandbars were taken about 4 hours into low tide. There are two pictures of jellyfish which were very plentiful.


The “My friend the old tree” was submitted by Jean Smith.  The photo was taken during her walk near Amherst this week.  The other 3 photos are some of the places Kathy and I pass by during our bike rides throughout the Amherst Shore/Linden area. (Beach/Farming/Fishing country)  In all 3 photos you can see the Northumberland Strait. Lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy.  (But it doesn’t make the hills any easier!!) Have a great week.


Word for the Coming Week: BEAUTY

We will use this word to reflect on as we walk, run or roll through our week.

Some words may inspire you with exciting new insights while others may disturb your thinking or challenge your beliefs. Sometimes you will love or take comfort in what you are hearing, while other times you may feel discomfort or resistance. Pay attention to all as this is part of your journey.

Are We There Yet?

Since arriving at our destination last week, we have turned NORTH to travel up the BC interior on our way to the Yukon.  We did not quite make it to Whitehorse, but we are enjoying the trip so far.

Our route takes us from Victoria up route 97 north. We pass through communities like Hells Gate, Chasm, 100 Mile House, 150 Mile House (interesting names right?). We follow the Fraser River further north to Quesnel, swinging east as 97 moves away from the river up to Prince George.  Then it's West along route 16 past the Seven Sisters Provincial Park and Protected area, passing beautiful mountain ranges, moving north again up route 37.  This takes us all the way to the Yukon boarder, where we pause for the week in the community of  Watson Lake.

This town in Yukon is located at mile 635 on the Alaska Highway close to the British Columbia border. The Canada 2016 Census put the population at 790.

(Click on the links above and read about our pilgrimage destinations).

Some pictures that were sent in this week

Watsons Lake

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  1. I wonder if the answer to this weeks question is Alert. Not sure it has many people but it reports weather and security information. It that correct. I think that Russia has communities closer to the North Pole.

    Oh my it is humid, so hard to rest and not much fun to walk.

  2. BEAUTY is a lovely word . I looked at the pictures from the Trinity Trotters And could recognize many of the location. They bring back memories of childhood beach visits and the beauty of those days. The sky was blue and the clouds formed interesting shapes. Coming out of the salt water, spreading your beach towel and looking the clouds while laying on your back. Someone would see a special shape and we would all look for it, discovering other cloud shapes along the way. If that was now, we would use our phone, take the pictures and send them to 100 friends within minutes. Maybe receive a text, play some special music.

    Things are different now and I for one enjoy the technology! Our generation has been so blessed. Keep the pictures coming and share the BEAUTY of your day! Pam

  3. This weather is great for walking, there is BEAUTY in the temperature. ( for me) . Have you noticed the little green apples that are starting to show on the apple trees. You can see their growth ! Nature is wonderful. I hope to walk 10 K per day because the days are so much longer And cooler. Life is good.

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