Pilgrimage Week 5

Week Ending July 4, 2020

Current Week:  1164 km

Total To Date: 7931 km

Pilgrimage Goal: 7292 km

Amount Over Goal: 639 km

Total Participants: 58

Total Pods: 8

Word for the Coming Week: ISOLATION

We will use this word to reflect on as we walk, run or roll through our week.

Some words may inspire you with exciting new insights while others may disturb your thinking or challenge your beliefs. Sometimes you will love or take comfort in what you are hearing, while other times you may feel discomfort or resistance. Pay attention to all as this is part of your journey.

Question of the Week?

How many points were on the maple leaf of Canada's First Flag?

George Stanley


We need more pictures of our groups.  We did get some more pictures from Shawn's actual trip across Canada which we will continue to share as we travel back through those areas.

Some pictures that were sent in this week

Are We There Yet?


We arrived this week in Victoria BC mid week (let's say CANADA DAY!).  This has been a fast trip as everyone is putting in lots of KMs for the pilgrimage.  We are on our way NORTH this week toward the Yukon as we work our way East.

Since this week we celebrated Canada Day, Pam Harrison had this note to us:

During the time of Prime Minister Lester Pearson it was very clear that Canada would have a new flag, it would be established to fly during the celebrate year of Canada’s 100th birthday. On Feb 15, 1965 for the first time the beautiful “Canada Flag” flew on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The flag has two red boarders marking the two oceans on either side of our nation. The centre is a white square with four equal side based on equality for all and the red maple leaf had 13 points to note the 10 Provence’s and 3 territories. This has changed to 11 points for design benefits. ( easier to print ).

The flag was designed by Dr George Stanley, Sackville, NB. The town commissioned an sculpture to design a statue of Dr Stanley sitting on a park bench, you can join him for a historic picture (see above)!

The Stanley’s shared the story of the strong emotions around the new flag. You see Canadian soldiers had fought two world wars under the Union Jack and they loved that flag. On the week before the flag raising the Stanley’s received death threats and hate mail. The flag raising occurred without violence however several Legion refused to fly the new Canada Flag for many years.

In 1967, Canada celebrated its 100th birthday and Canada flags were everywhere, people wore flag pins and clothing, the maple leaf was on our money and the Maple Leaf became our international icon. So now check the flag and enjoy knowing ,as we walked past Sackville ,we could have set with Dr George Stanley. The statue is located next to the Post Office, (Atlantic bubble) but be sure to wear your mask.

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  1. July 5- looking at the map I was delighted to Google “ 100 mile house” and learn the history. The word ISOLATION may connect very well with our starting point this week. I have not been there , in fact the next part of our journey is very unfamiliar to me. Thanks to everyone who is walking in isolation.
    Last evening I went to NB and had dinner with friends that I have not seen in person for 7 months. Crossing the boarder. We have emailed, sent pictures and spoken on FaceTime. There is something to be cherished about ‘ the real thing’ verses virtual. For example one friend brought each of us a “freshly cooked lobster”, you just cannot do that virtually!

  2. Hello everyone, once again Salisbury’s Foxy ladies are late with how far we walked. We are enjoying our walks but not very good at checking in here. We covered 149 km last week. I am happy to say I enjoyed a walk in the rain as it sure was needed. This week I am looking forward to a visit for my son and his wife whom I have not been able to see as they live in Kingston Nova Scotia. She has been having radiation for cancer and finished her last treatment on Friday so I am really looking forward to passing on a much needed hug on Tuesday. Happy walking everyone, have a completely awesome week.

  3. Good morning all, I think we have been walking for 38 days? That is wonderful and I expect everyone is celebrating their improved health. This morning was very cool so my walk was refreshing. I walk in isolation of others and my thoughts are often a reflection of the past. In northern Canada there are fewer people so maybe more wildlife. Canada is the second largest country in the world ( land mass) . The animals are feeding on nature’s food but in our cities we have over 1 million people per month going to food banks with the fastest growing age group being -65 and older. These people may be living in isolation.

    So I walk in isolation but I certainly live in community, so happy to walk with everyone! Walking home towards the Atlantic Bubble! Yeah ‍♂️

  4. July 9th is a very still morning. The leaves on the trees were barely moving. I listened to the birds and wonder if they understand each other, are the birds talking to each other! So still that you could almost hear the sound of their wings in flight . I wonder if the different sounds are like different languages, can they understand each other?

    When some would fly , so would others. They understand behaviour just like we do or like we should. So why is it that some people will wear a mask and others will not. We are in the same place facing the coronavirus together but behaving differently. We are a part of this wonderful planet and need to care for all things.

    In the stillness of the early morning, many thoughts are clear and then the day takes over. So let’s make it a great day!

  5. July 9th was a beautiful day in Amherst, NS. I went to Northport Park and beach which is on the Northumberland Strait. I walked along the beach picking up rocks for my potted plants and other craft ideas.

    I was wading and kept going out further and further and ended going for a swim. Luckily I had brought extra clothes. I enjoyed chatting with several people and truly enjoyed my afternoon.

    I was going to wait until the tide was completely out but after 4.5 hours I had enough sun. I am submitting pictures of the shore and sandbars after the tide was partially out.

    The sound of the waves was very soothing. God made an amazing world and there are so many natural things to enjoy and find comfort in. I will definitely be going back.

  6. Saturday is alway an exciting day because we learn the grand total for our KM’s walked and I am always amazed ! We are so much stronger together, walking wherever and enjoying the day. I can picture Teresa’s beach walk, feel the sand on my feet, the coolness of the water, the smell of the salt air and the joy of an unexpected swim.

    I was talking to a friend that walks every morn around 4:00 so he can be part of the sunrise. I asked if he felt isolated and he replied ‘when we walk we are connected to and included in creation”. His time with God is then, a beautiful way to start the day.

    Isolation was an interesting word to think about during this time of the BIG PAUSE.

    The answer to this weeks Canada Flag question is 13 points on the maple leafs and the newer flags only have 11 points. ( enjoying trivia)

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