Pilgrimage Week 8

Week Ending

Current Week:  1548 km

Pilgrimage Goal: 7292 km

Total Participants: 58


July 26, 2020

Total To Date: 12,316 km

Amount Over Goal:  5024 km

Total Pods: 8

Question of the Week?

What former Canadian Prime Minister moved to Saskatchewan as a child, and had a house (now a museum) in Fort Saskatchewan?

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Pam sent in the following image

Walking across Canada we may want to reflect on the picture. The elephant is carrying the baby in the heat of the day! The lioness walks nearby, is this a lesson for us to ponder as we walk. This was posted as PICTURE OF THE YEAR. Pam

She also sent in this picture with a question:

This is an interesting sign, near where I live but knew nothing of this structure. Pam

I did a little digging and found this article

Word for the Coming Week: DISAPPOINTMENT

We will use this word to reflect on as we walk, run or roll through our week.

Some words may inspire you with exciting new insights while others may disturb your thinking or challenge your beliefs. Sometimes you will love or take comfort in what you are hearing, while other times you may feel discomfort or resistance. Pay attention to all as this is part of your journey.

Fort Saskatchewan - Check out the heritage

Are We There Yet?

This week we continue on from Bay Tree General Store in Alberta and follow route 43 south to Fort Saskatchewan (a city of 25,000).   From there we pick up Route 3 to Prince Albert.    Next we turn south down to Preeceville.  Continuing south, we stop just outside of the town of Canora.  This just happens to be the home of the Ukrainian Heritage Museum.

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To dive into the route on Google Maps click this link: Pilgrimage Week 8

Some pictures that were sent in this week

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  1. Greeting and thank you Terry for checking out the elephant picture, I so wished it was real.

    Today is World Friendship Day, a day to reflect on friendship. On some site they suggest you celebrate this day by having ice-cream for breakfast! That sounds like a great idea.

    Winnie the Pooh is the mascot for the day and you can understand why! “Silly old bear”. So add a few steps to your day and walk to a friends house to wave and say HELLO,

  2. Greetings, it has been a busy week. I always enjoy Friday because I hear from all the pilgrims in our pod. Each of us live in different communities/ cities so enjoy different sites on our walks. The weather may or may not be similar so I watch the national weather forecast just to connect. For the most part everyone walks every day and enjoys good health.

    Today those of us from NS will need to wear masks when we enter a building or public space. We need to still practice social distancing. This has been a great week with no new cases reported in NS and I hope we can keep it that way.

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