Pilgrimage Week 12


Pilgrimage Goal: 7292 km

Total Participants: 58

Total To Date: 17,584 km


WOW!  That is move than 10,000 km OVER our initial goal.


Are We There Yet?


Can you believe that only 83 days ago we virtually gathered at Cape Spear, NL to walk to the Pacific coastline. With no idea of the necessary time and energy - we set out. In the first week we walked 946.3 KM and found ourselves on a ferry to NS , surrounded by icebergs!

Every week we were invited to ponder a word - Justice, anger, rest, wonder, isolation, beauty, endurance , disappointment, hospitality, ending, and my word was grateful.

Every day, we were grateful for all of you ‘walking together apart’.

The beautiful pictures, the interesting quiz that helped us learn interesting Canadian facts and all the opportunities to join others in worship - it was perfect. We will miss you but now we continue to walk together!

So on behalf of the organizers we thank you for walking with us, for sharing pictures and stories and walking all the way home. Please tell your friends that you walked across Canada and back with a wonderful group of like minded people who walked with respect in creation. It’s good to be home!

Pam Harrison
Vision Aiders



Tell us about your Journey!


“Its the not the Destination, It's the journey.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now that the journey is over you spend this week reflecting on your experiences.  Then we want you to give us your feedback.  Send us a story about your journey.

  • What was your experience like?
  • What was your favourite part?
  • Did you enjoy the weekly updates, quiz and pictures?
  • Send a final picture of you or something that shows how you were effected by this pilgrimage

Send your comments and pictures to pilgrimage@visionsunited.ca and we will compile them into a final summary page of reflections.


POST A COMMENT below if you are on the journey!

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  1. Thank you, everyone! What a journey! And thank you, Terry, for the incredible website you hosted, all the links, researching the places along the way, coordinating our pictures. Kudos! Well done 🙂

  2. How was your trip? Good to be home! That is the common question and response however this is a special time in history.
    ‍♂️this was a very special virtual trip so to answer the first question – what was the experience like for me. The first few weeks were amazing because we were covering so much of Canada . I found myself getting stronger and my passion for nature grew as I watched the trees grow their leaves, the wild flowers come and go, the bird population grow in numbers and the sounds changed as new song birds arrived. Nature is wonderful !

    I enjoyed visiting the site and learning more about Canada. As well, checking on how the other walkers, runners, bikers and those using other ways to join in, were doing. It was always fun to check the the pictures. The experience strengthened my body and spirit.

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