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Remembering Pam

Because we will not be able to attend gatherings as a church family we have decided to celebrate Pam's life here.  Pam loved to keep Visions informed of her travels and we had many posts on our website from Pam.

Please take a Moment to view these posts from Pam, and feel free to comment below.

This is the link to her obituary notice


Iceland - Feb 2018

Pam and the United Church

Pam was a United Church lifer! She was born and raised in the United Church and she loved it. Her roots were in the River Hebert congregation, but shifted as the promise of a new way of being church emerged and became Visions.

Pam served at every level of the church. In addition to the role she played at River Hebert, Pam served on Chignecto Presbytery and within the Maritime Conference. In the 1990’s Pam began a new adventure as the Special Gifts Consultant fro the Maritime and the Newfoundland-Labroador Conference— the person who would offer guidance around leaving a bequest or special gift to the church near and far. Over her time in that office Pam was in hundreds of congregations and homes. And after most of these visits those who were visited received a photo of Pam along with them. Pam had a wonderful gift to connect giving with her deep faith. She said she loved to fund raise, and it showed. She believed deeply that generosity gives rise to joy. And Pam loved joy! If Pam could make a meeting a little less dull, she did it. Her love of God as lived out through the church was infectious.

I remember two things: her project to support the Mission and Service of the United Church by inviting people from across the Maritimes to dig out their extra fabric and sew beautiful stoles for every congregation: about 279 of them. Each stole was unique, made from fabric people already had and in the colours of the M&S logo. Another image of Pam was arriving at a meeting in the conference office to assist a committee in looking at its future. In comes Pam with several pairs of dollar store sun glasses. — they were oversized (about 24 inches wide!) and in amazingly bright colours and she talked everyone into seeing with new eyes that day.

Over the years Pam encouraged generosity as a response to faith. And I give thanks for her example.

Catherine Gaw

Regions Remembrance

Pam was the first staff person to serve the Maritimes and the Newfoundland and Labrador Conference as the Special Gifts Officer, a General Council position deployed in what is now known as the First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council, Regional Council 15 and Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council.

Pam was known to all of us as a fun-loving, brave and passionate person. Her love for the United Church and its communities was seen in everything she did. With humble gratitude we remember her life and Ministry.

Conference provided this slide show to Visions which was prepared at the time of Pam's Retirement from her position at the United Church. Enjoy!


Celebrating Pam slideshow


  1. Pam was one of the most kind and compassionate souls I’ve ever had the honour to meet in this life. She was an embodiment of light and love, and her curiosity, openness, and unending tenacity shall live on.
    Rest easy, my friend. May your soul continue to shine. ❤

  2. We are so very saddened to hear about Pam’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the Visions Community as we grieve the loss of this powerhouse leader and light sharer! All of us who were touched by Pam, have most certainly been powerfully inspired and challenged to go beyond what seemed possible.

  3. Our hearts are so saddened. Pam was a unique individual with the biggest and most generous heart in the world. There wasn’t a “worthy cause” ever that could escape her attention and support.
    It’s so hard to believe that we won’t see her bouncing into Visions United with a hug for everyone.
    We will miss her dearly…….

  4. As I prepared the content for this page, I was reminded of all of the emails and pictures that Pam took during Visions events and while travelling abroad. She captured so many of our memories forever with her iPAD, and I am so grateful to have so many pictures of Pam as well that can be displayed here. So much of this WEBSITE is a testament to Pam Harrison.

    Each picture was a discussion with Pam and I am so glad to have been included with all of these events. I especially enjoyed working with her this summer on the Cross Canada Pandemic Pilgrimage which brought us together each week during Covid-19.

    I will miss her warm smile, enthusiasm as she talked about the latest cause for Visions, and most of all her warm and loving hugs she gave to all of us at Visions.

  5. Pam was a force of nature that left a mark wherever she went. She was forward thinker and once an idea came she wanted to bring it to life. We wii miss her arrival at our spirit gatherings when she would bounce in and make the rounds. Our Christmas card from her had 2 of her Christmas masks included. So many great memories of Pam during our journey as Visions United Church.

  6. I cannot get my head around that Pam will not be there in person when we open in our new surrounding, but I am sure she will be there in spirit. I loved her laugh and her. Angie thanks for answering my email.
    We will miss her terribly

  7. Although our paths only crossed once, I felt her presence in the room. She drew people to her much the same as moths seek out a warm light. She drew me into her little circle, and for one brief moment, I knew I was in the company of someone very special.

  8. We have known Pam for a few years and always admired her commitment and energy to many many projects from having “pennies” being collected to help with a water project to gathering cookies and calendars for inmates at Christmas.

    Another project that stands out was the Coat project and how far it spread out in the Maritime provinces. We bought her Orange VW convertible a few years back and it still remains in our family. “What A Wonderful World” it would be with many more like Pam.

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